Cold Squad

Season 1 Episodes

  1. Christopher Williams on El Rey Network
    Episode 1

    Christopher Williams

    Christopher Gerald Williams was ten when he was taken from the bedroom he shared with his seven-year-old brother Joey in 1977. Twenty years later when another body is found.

  2. Janine Elston on El Rey Network
    Episode 2

    Janine Elston

    Twelve years ago, a teenaged girl named Janine Elston was shot while she slept in her bed. Her father, a former cop, goes to Cold Squad to ask for help when Wayne Corby, the man who was believed to have killed her, is about to be released from jail.

  3. Tess on El Rey Network
    Episode 3


    On April 14, 1983, the bones of a young girl were discovered in a grave. Tony Logozzo has never been able to let go of the case or the young girl they've dubbed Tess, and Ali McCormick, new to Cold Squad, is determined to find an answer for who she was.


  4. Jane Klosky on El Rey Network
    Episode 4

    Jane Klosky

    The link between a gruesome murder and the decapitation of two nurses more than twenty years earlier lead the squad to a set of secret-keeping brothers.

  5. Taggert Family on El Rey Network
    Episode 5

    Taggert Family

    In 1995, Barbara Taggert was found burned to death in her home, and her six-year-old daughter Lisa was missing. Her husband Spencer was their prime suspect, but his business partner had given him an airtight alibi.

  6. Salty Cheever on El Rey Network
    Episode 6

    Salty Cheever

    Tony and Ali investigate Theresa Sandiman, a prostitute Tony has long thought responsible for a murder.

  7. Rita Brice on El Rey Network
    Episode 7

    Rita Brice

    After Sandy Kilkenny is arrested for tossing a pool cue at her husband's head, the squad brings her in hoping that they can finally put to rest the murder of Rita Brice eight years ago.

  8. Bob and Mary Lee on El Rey Network
    Episode 8

    Bob and Mary Lee

    The squad investigates after they trace a homicide victim's gun to a fifteen-year-old unsolved double murder that took place in Chinatown.

  9. Michelle Dorn on El Rey Network
    Episode 9

    Michelle Dorn

    Four years earlier, Rikki Stanfield lied to Ali about what she remembered the night that she and her best friend, were attacked. When Rikki starts to remember what really happened she begs Ali to re-open the case.

  10. Stephanie Jordan on El Rey Network
    Episode 10

    Stephanie Jordan

    Ali and Logozzo investigate the case of Stephanie Jordan, a debutante who disappeared four years earlier and was presumed, but never proven, to be dead.

  11. Amanda Millerd on El Rey Network
    Episode 11

    Amanda Millerd

    During a routine traffic stop, an officer arrests a shop-lifting suspect named Amanda Millerd. After she is taken to the station and booked, Ali and Jill realise her fingerprints match those of Holly Tarrow, a prostitute believed to have burned to death.

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