Relic Hunter

Season 2 Episodes

  1. The Put Back on El Rey Network
    Episode 1

    The Put Back

    Sydney heads to Africa not to find a relic, but return one to its rightful place to prevent a curse from running amok. 

  2. Dagger of Death on El Rey Network
    Episode 2

    Dagger of Death

    Sydney must return a relic to India for her fellow hunter, who believes the dagger made him kill his assistant.

  3. Last of the Mochicas on El Rey Network
    Episode 3

    Last of the Mochicas

    Nigel and his friends are captured while in South America looking for a Mochica relic. Now Sydney must find not a relic, but her friend.

  4. Legend of the Lost on El Rey Network
    Episode 4

    Legend of the Lost

    Derek Lloyd tricks Sydney into once again helping him by kidnapping Nigel.

  5. Fertile Ground on El Rey Network
    Episode 5

    Fertile Ground

    Sydney's high school sweetheart asks for her help in tracking down the Idol of Lono in Hawaii.

  6. Gypsy Jigsaw on El Rey Network
    Episode 6

    Gypsy Jigsaw

    After recieving a package from a friend who died shortly after posting it, Sydney takes up his last mission, the Crown of Roma.

  7. Three Rivers to Cross on El Rey Network
    Episode 7

    Three Rivers to Cross

    Sydney's father requests her help in China, tracking down the Jade Empress, so that the monks will allow him to open his new dam.

  8. Roman Holiday on El Rey Network
    Episode 8

    Roman Holiday

    Sydney's colleague, Professor Penrose, has a lead on Caesar's breastplate. With Sydney and Nigel out of town, he turns to Claudia for help.

  9. Cross of Voodoo on El Rey Network
    Episode 9

    Cross of Voodoo

    Sydney and Nigel go to New Orleans for the hunt of people: two grad students who disappeared while searching for the Haitian Cross of Utu.

  10. Lost Contact on El Rey Network
    Episode 10

    Lost Contact

    Sydney, Nigel, and Rod Thorson parachute into the Myanmar jungle to rescue another relic-hunting team previously hired by Thorson.

  11. The Reel Thing on El Rey Network
    Episode 11

    The Reel Thing

    When Sydney and Nigel are hired as technical advisors on an adventure movie, they discover the props are genuine relics from the tomb of Pharaoh Amun the Second.

  12. M.I.A. on El Rey Network
    Episode 12


    Sydney is kidnapped when an Interpol sting operation goes awry.

  13. Out of the Past on El Rey Network
    Episode 13

    Out of the Past

    Claudia claims to have known Cleopatra in a previous life, and backs up her claim by showing off a secret compartment in Cleopatra's jewelry box.

  14. Eyes of Toklamanee on El Rey Network
    Episode 14

    Eyes of Toklamanee

    Sydney's grad student, Adam, has a lead on the most sought-after Native American artifact of all: the Eyes of Toklamanee.

  15. Run Sydney Run on El Rey Network
    Episode 15

    Run Sydney Run

    While in Russia seeking the Sword of Ateas, the team are ambushed by rebel forces.

  16. French Connection on El Rey Network
    Episode 16

    French Connection

    A Nostradamus prophecies predicts that a Fox will be the one to stop a royal assassination, and Sydney is presumed to be that Fox.

  17. Don't Go into the Woods on El Rey Network
    Episode 17

    Don't Go into the Woods

    A conspiracy theorist hires the team to find the Golden Falcon of Maribor, last seen 400 years ago, when its owner disappeared.

  18. Midnight Flight on El Rey Network
    Episode 18

    Midnight Flight

    An old friend lures Sydney into helping track down a ruby-encrusted scepter once owned by Gunther the Brave.

  19. The Executioner's Mask on El Rey Network
    Episode 19

    The Executioner's Mask

    When a supermodel is disfigured after putting on the ancient mask of a French executioner, Sydney and Nigel must return the mask to the tomb it came from.

  20. The Royal Ring on El Rey Network
    Episode 20

    The Royal Ring

    Nigel's older brother finds a riddle written by Henry VIII himself that they think will lead to Anne Boleyn's wedding ring.

  21. Set in Stone on El Rey Network
    Episode 21

    Set in Stone

    A monk suggests that he can prove St. Gabriel and his magical sword really existed, but when Nigel and Sydney show up at the monestary, the abbot denies all knowledge.

  22. Deadline on El Rey Network
    Episode 22


    Sydney's friend has been blackmailed into turning over the world's first Christian cross.

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