Starhunter Redux

Season 1 Overview

It’s a time when humans have spread across the solar system, colonizing planets and building new worlds. Rule of law has broken down on this new frontier, leaving justice in the hands of dangerous men and women who offer their services for hire. 

Season one follows bounty hunter Dante Montana and his crew, who hunt criminals in deep space while searching for Dante’s lost son, who was taken by a clan of outlaws years ago. The crew also struggle with their tormented pasts as dark forces change the universe around them. 

Cast Bios

  1. Michael Paré

    Our hero, Dante Montana, 40, is a reluctant bounty hunter. His dream wasn't to become a bounty hunter at all.  Ten years ago he was a farmer with a wife and child on a colony on Titan.  Raiders destroyed the homestead Montana had built killing many, including his wife, Percy’s parents, then they kidnapped his baby boy.

  2. Tanya Allen

    Dante's niece, Percy Montana is a survivor of the Raider assault that killed her parents.  Dante is the only relative she has in the universe and for 10 years Percy has trusted him like a father. They haven't been apart since.  As a key member of her uncle’s bounty hunting crew, Percy has a genius level understanding of things technical.  She (along with the computer Caravaggio) maintains the functions of the ship.

  3. Claudette Roche

    Luc Scott, mid-thirties, has only just joined the crew.  A munitions expert, Luc is appointed by Rudolpho as Dante’s partner in making criminal arrests.  She is also the ships unofficial science officer.  Dante is made to understand that she was assigned by Rudolpho, the owner and director of the bounty hunter operations, to assist their profitability. But he soon suspects there’s more to it than that.

  4. Murray Melvin

    Caravaggio is the ship’s two hundred year old AI (Artificial Intelligence) unit manifest as a hologram.  He’s an icon of the entire ship's computer systems and exists only in electronic form. Since Caravaggio possesses the entire scope and breadth of human knowledge, he doesn't suffer fools lightly.  As far as he's concerned all humans are fools. 

  5. Stephen Marcus

    Rudolpho, in his fifties, is the crew's dispatcher.  Earth based, the gruff, irascible, and no-nonsense Rudolpho also owns the ship that Dante, Percy, and Luc use.  Rudolpho is owed plenty of back payments on the Tulip, and constantly hassles Dante and the others to take on more assignments.  Like a slumlord, he repeatedly deflects pleas from Dante about more money to fix up the ship.

  6. George Harris

    Darius is Luc’s brilliant, arrogant, controlling father. He is the senior executive in The Orchard, a covert organization created by a worried Terra-Lunar Federal Government when the existence of ancient alien artifacts were found on earth in conjunction with the discovery of the Divinity Cluster.  The fact that the four Divinity Cluster genes are alien tells us that they were implanted, if so they were implanted for a purpose. They also give powers to those who can trigger them, dangerous powers that could make a society of super-beings. Darius’s obligation is to find out what the purpose was in placing these alien genes in the human genome and to control the outcome for the “good guys”. 

  7. Mark Powley

    Eccleston is a madman, a genius in genetic engineering, a prized scientist who experimented on himself when the Divinity Cluster genes were first discovered. He found that one of the genes could be triggered artificially and discovered its first effect: an unnatural and intoxicating high. Before knowing the greater consequences he becomes an addict. Multi-dimensional sight is the next effect of the genes, and he acquired this quality too. Allowing him to flitter in and out of present time amongst lesser mortals as if he were a god. Now he thinks he is one.

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