Starhunter Redux

Season 1 Episodes

  1. The Divinity Cluster on El Rey Network
    Episode 1

    The Divinity Cluster

    Dante reunites with MacDuff, his old bounty hunting mentor, looking to join him for one last hunt. Meanwhile, Lucretia - Dante’s current partner - is asked to find a man who may hold the key to the Divinity Cluster, human genes believed to have extra-terrestrial origins.

  2. Trust on El Rey Network
    Episode 2


    Luc and Dante transport a pair of criminals to a prison on Mercury. When they reach their destination and head to the surface, their loyalties and faith in one another are tested in the blinding heat of Mercury’s sunward side, where the wrong move ends in agonizing death.

  3. Family Values on El Rey Network
    Episode 3

    Family Values

    While hunting bounties on Mars, Dante and Luc are attacked by The Raiders, a vicious tribe of spacefaring barbarians known for their propensity to abduct children. Dante struggles between his sense of justice and his desire for vengeance as he confronts his tormentors.

  4. Siren's Song on El Rey Network
    Episode 4

    Siren's Song

    Dante and Luc capture a murderous psychopath named Petrakis, before crossing paths with a Major Bartlett, who has a dangerous, powerful prisoner of his own ... and military authorization to commandeer the Trans-Utopian!

  5. The Man Who Sold the World on El Rey Network
    Episode 5

    The Man Who Sold the World

    Dante’s crew head to Pluto, hot on the trail of a ruthless war criminal named Novak. Percy - aboard the Trans-Utopian - must fight Novak’s deadly A.I. as Dante and Luc do battle with the solar system’s most notorious killer.

  6. Peer Pressure on El Rey Network
    Episode 6

    Peer Pressure

    Dante brings a captive fugitive aboard: Dr Nasreen (a brilliant but deranged scientist), along with her teenage son, Ajit. Percy and Ajit’s immediate attraction to each other sparks a conflict of love vs loyalty, as Dr. Nasreen fights for control of her son … and of the entire ship.

  7. Frozen on El Rey Network
    Episode 7


    Dante comes to the aid of Dr. Devon and his young son Ryan, pursued by the Raiders after escaping a genetic research lab. Dante must decide if the doctor and his son are worth risking his own crew for … or if they’re a bargaining chip to get his own son back from the Raiders.

  8. Past Lives on El Rey Network
    Episode 8

    Past Lives

    Dante's crew capture an alleged murderer, wanted by The Orchard, who turns out to be Luc's ex-husband, Eric. Torn between an old flame and new duties, Luc must decide her ex-lover’s fate as time eats away at their options, with the Orchard hot on their heels.

  9. Order on El Rey Network
    Episode 9


    The Trans-Utopian crew is powerless to stop a ship full of religious cultists from crashing into the sun, but manage to pick up an escape shuttle full of survivors - including the charismatic cult leader himself, “Brother Thirteen.” The crew soon find that his powers go far beyond mere charisma.

  10. Cell Game on El Rey Network
    Episode 10

    Cell Game

    After losing a bounty to a rival hunter aboard Oberon orbital, Dante loses Percy to Oberon police, who imprison her on trumped-up charges. Dante must work out a dangerous deal to free Percy, while she fights for her life in a high-tech prison full of violent lowlifes.

  11. BlackLight on El Rey Network
    Episode 11


    A cryogenic chamber in an abandoned section of the Trans-Utopian is accidentally powered up, and the legendary Colonel Bramwell emerges from his 50-year sleep. His war is over, but his mission remains: Destroy the Raiders at all costs … and everyone is expendable.

  12. Goodbye So Long on El Rey Network
    Episode 12

    Goodbye So Long

    Dante reconnects with Ike, an old friend. Troubled by a deal gone bad, Ike confides in Dante before he is killed in an “accident”. Worried for Percy’s safety, Dante takes off to the Trans- Utopian along with Marco, Ike’s business partner … and realizes that not all is as it seems.

  13. The Most Wanted Man on El Rey Network
    Episode 13

    The Most Wanted Man

    Dante’s crew hunt a man with a price on his head high enough to pay their looming bills. This bounty, however, won’t go easy, not after experimentation gave him powers over speed and time … and information that Luc will do anything to get.

  14. The Half Dense Players on El Rey Network
    Episode 14

    The Half Dense Players

    Dante is assigned to take an unusual murder suspect to Ganymede - a beautiful artist, plagued by strange visions. But as her visions grow more intense, the crew realize their ship is being followed … by something that threatens their very reality.

  15. A Dark and Stormy Night on El Rey Network
    Episode 15

    A Dark and Stormy Night

    Darius boards the Trans-Utopian and reconciles with his daughter Luc while making peace with Dante. In a seeming act of goodwill, he ‘connects the dots’ between the various events of their recent lives ... but the sinister forces that follow him are not far behind.

  16. SuperMax on El Rey Network
    Episode 16


    After Rudolpho sells the Trans-Utopian out from under them, Dante and his crew go to work for the ship’s new owner (as guards) aboard the maximum security prison formerly known as the Trans-Utopian! As they scheme to take back the ship, the owner’s wife has schemes of her own … on Dante.

  17. A Twist In Time on El Rey Network
    Episode 17

    A Twist In Time

    While transporting a seemingly insane convict named only “Five”, Dante diverts course to answer a distress call from a Graviton Research Station on Triton. But once there, the crew find that the experiments on the surface affect the flow of time aboard the Trans-Utopian … freeing their prisoner and putting their lives at risk.

  18. Eat Sin on El Rey Network
    Episode 18

    Eat Sin

    Still under the effects of the space/time warp, members of the Trans-Utopian’s crew find themselves alone in their own parallel universe, dealing with a separate version of their marauding psychopathic prisoner Mr. ‘Five”... who is somehow able to exist in multiple realities.

  19. Bad Girls on El Rey Network
    Episode 19

    Bad Girls

    A seemingly wealthy socialite Hamilton and his two daughters book the Trans-Utopian for a three-day passage to Mars. Percy and the young women become fast friends, spelling trouble for Dante, Hamilton, The Orchard … and the Marshal hot on Hamilton’s heels!

  20. Bad Seed on El Rey Network
    Episode 20

    Bad Seed

    The Trans-Utopian’s crew fight for their lives as Dante is abducted by an Orchard agent (Tosca) in an effort to find Travis. She believes the boy is the key to the Divinity Cluster, and that Dante is her best chance of finding him. But someone else is also hunting Dante Montana.

  21. Travis on El Rey Network
    Episode 21


    Travis (now the leader of a powerful Raider clan) finds his biological father… but the Raider that raised him stands between the father and son reuniting. Earth’s future ‘hangs in the balance’ as Dante weighs a life with his son against the fate of a dying world.

  22. Resurrection on El Rey Network
    Episode 22


    Eccleston returns from “the other side” just as Raider forces attack the Trans-Utopian... on their way to destroy what is left of the Earth. Dante and Travis (together at last), fly out to confront the Raider fleet as Luc heads to Mars to head off the incoming horde.

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