Starhunter Redux

Season 2 Overview

In Season two, it is Dante’s son Travis who hunts bounties. Only now the dark forces have affected Travis, changing him in ways that could either help him … or destroy him.

Cast Bios

  1. Tanya Allen

    Dante's niece, Percy Montana is a survivor of the Raider assault that killed her parents.  Dante is the only relative she has in the universe and for 10 years Percy has trusted him like a father. They haven't been apart since.  As a key member of her uncle’s bounty hunting crew, Percy has a genius level understanding of things technical.  She (along with the computer Caravaggio) maintains the functions of the ship.

  2. Murray Melvin

    Caravaggio is the ship’s two hundred year old AI (Artificial Intelligence) unit manifest as a hologram.  He’s an icon of the entire ship's computer systems and exists only in electronic form. Since Caravaggio possesses the entire scope and breadth of human knowledge, he doesn't suffer fools lightly.  As far as he's concerned all humans are fools. 

  3. Stephen Marcus

    Rudolpho, in his fifties, is the crew's dispatcher.  Earth based, the gruff, irascible, and no-nonsense Rudolpho also owns the ship that Dante, Percy, and Luc use.  Rudolpho is owed plenty of back payments on the Tulip, and constantly hassles Dante and the others to take on more assignments.  Like a slumlord, he repeatedly deflects pleas from Dante about more money to fix up the ship.

  4. Clive Robertson

    Travis is Dante's long lost son who is now, like his father, a bounty hunter. He was raised as a raider and subscribed to their warrior values. As a result of experiments performed on him by the Orchard, Travis can see short distances into the future, though the power is out of his control. After hiring the Tulip to help with an investigation, hoping the ship would hold clues about his father's location, Travis joins his cousin Percy on the ship permanently, partaking in missions and adventures.

  5. Dawn Stern

    Callie is a rival bounty hunter to Travis who finds herself joining him and his cousin on the Tulip's expeditions. She is tough and an expert with weapons, and was once a part of the Mars Federation special forces. Callie was born into a wealthy family who disowned her when she joined the military. She took up bounty hunting as a way to survive with the skills she had and always feels the need to prove herself.

  6. Paul Fox

    Marcus is Travis' best friend and right hand man. He helps him catch his bounties, and tags along when Travis joins the Tulip. Travis found Marcus as a young criminal on the streets and saw in him superior intelligence and good moral sense. Marcus has a natural genius for all things mechanical and becomes the ship's mechanic. He is a storyteller and entertainer, but is very protective of his complicated past.

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