Starhunter Redux

Season 2 Episodes

  1. Rebirth on El Rey Network
    Episode 1


    The Trans-Utopian emerges from Hyperspace in the year 2300. Dante and Luc are gone, leaving Percy and Caravaggio as the sole occupants of the Trans-Utopian. Alone and unsure how to find Dante, Percy takes ownership of the ship while other parties make a claim… including a fellow who appears to be Dante’s son, Travis.

  2. Star-Crossed on El Rey Network
    Episode 2


    Jupiter Federation hires the Trans-Utopian and her crew to track down a dangerous Raider named Dakkota 79, a man seeking doomsday devices to win a raider clan war. Jupiter Fed will stop at nothing to prevent such a war... even hiring ex-raider Travis Montana to help.

  3. Biocrime on El Rey Network
    Episode 3


    In Syn City Marcus and Callie happen across a horribly mutated woman named Taryn, a prostitute Marcus grew up with on the streets… and the daughter of a powerful senator. He hires the Trans-Utopian’s crew to find the one responsible. Marcus heads back into Syn City’s dangerous underworld alone, attracting the attention of the system’s most dangerous biocriminal, Father Abode.

  4. Chasing Janus on El Rey Network
    Episode 4

    Chasing Janus

    During a routine ‘sting’ operation, Callie is critically wounded. The crew of the Trans-Utopian race against the clock to track down her powerful family - and their legendary resources - before her time runs out. But time has not been kind to the Larkadia family.

  5. Spaceman on El Rey Network
    Episode 5


    The Trans-Utopian crew find a stasis pod adrift in space, containing a young man named Mishkin. Revived but unable to remember his past, Mishkin builds a bond with Percy. But the man’s history threatens to tear them apart, taking the entire crew with them.

  6. Becoming Shiva on El Rey Network
    Episode 6

    Becoming Shiva

    Jupiter Federation fears an attack by “Terra’s Children” - a radical eco-terrorist cell - and enlist the crew of the Trans-Utopian to hunt them down before their brand of explosive activism causes bloodshed in the streets of Syn City. The clock ticks while the bounty hunters fight to maintain their sense of justice.

  7. The Third Thing on El Rey Network
    Episode 7

    The Third Thing

    A reality show in decline tries to boost ratings by featuring the exploits of The Trans-Utopian’s crew, offering an inflated fee to record while they hunt a low-priority bounty named Tremayne. But as the line between reality and Reality TV is blurred, Percy and Marcus struggle to stay focused on a target who knows more than he is letting on.

  8. Torment on El Rey Network
    Episode 8


    Arthur Santiago is a man in his late fifties, while his parents - held by kidnappers aboard a fastmoving ship - are still in their twenties, and he needs The Trans-Utopian’s crew to get them back. Meanwhile, the sudden appearance of Rudolpho’s daughter aboard ship threatens to destroy both their rescue plans and Rudolpho’s attempt at responsible fatherhood.

  9. Painless on El Rey Network
    Episode 9


    Travis is contacted by Roan Gerick - an old friend of his father’s - who mourns the loss of his son to a new, deadly drug sweeping through Titan’s poor districts. Travis must dive back into a world he left behind long ago, as he hunts down a mysterious kingpin who seems to know all about his past.

  10. Skin Deep on El Rey Network
    Episode 10

    Skin Deep

    Callie’s attempt to catch up with Lena - an old friend - goes awry when violent bounty hunters chase them back to The Trans-Utopian. Once aboard, the crew must unravel the mystery behind Lena’s flight from the law, while Marcus and Percy must fend for themselves aboard Clarke Station.

  11. Supermax Redux on El Rey Network
    Episode 11

    Supermax Redux

    Our crew is transporting an eccentric prisoner to the authorities when they cross paths with none other than Max Fairley, former owner of the Trans-Utopian. Bringing Max and his entourage aboard over Percy’s protests, the crew are confronted by old grudges and new mysteries while their prisoner makes plans of his own.

  12. Pandora's Box on El Rey Network
    Episode 12

    Pandora's Box

    The Trans-Utopian is contacted by the Keres Group, a genetic research firm that recently lost sensitive work to a Raider spy named Quennell. The deal grows in complexity the deeper they dig, and the crew must choose between Quenell and Keres Group, while the fate of innocent millions hangs in the balance.

  13. Stitch In Time on El Rey Network
    Episode 13

    Stitch In Time

    Travis is disturbed by a strange dream that become prophecy as a hulking mining facility with only one man aboard - Captain Parker - seems to appear out of nowhere. Parker’s accounts seem rife with half-truths or complete fabrications until some out-of-the-box thinking reveals implications that reach beyond our Universe.

  14. The Prisoner on El Rey Network
    Episode 14

    The Prisoner

    The crew is transporting an amnesiac psychiatric patient to Ganymede, when a triggered memory compels her to attack Travis. Her doctor considers this a breakthrough, but Travis sees it differently when the patient's memories implicate him in a grisly murder.

  15. Kate on El Rey Network
    Episode 15


    Caravaggio is knocked offline, giving Percy the opportunity to rewrite him as “Kate,” a female persona for the ship’s AI. But unforeseen problems arise as Kate takes over, pitting crew against crew in a struggle for hearts and minds aboard the Trans-Utopian.

  16. Rivals on El Rey Network
    Episode 16


    Callie is courted by a competing Bounty Hunter outfit, who seem to have their act together when compared to the ramshackle Trans-Utopian and its ragtag crew… until a lucrative bounty has both crews in a tortoise-vs-hare race across the system, with egos and lives at stake.

  17. The Heir and the Spare on El Rey Network
    Episode 17

    The Heir and the Spare

    Alex Arroyan is a rogue, scoundrel and thief. Mars Federation officer Eva Halperin is determined to bring Arroyan to justice, hiring the Trans-Utopian crew to bring him in. But Arroyan and Marcus seem to share a bond that threatens to drag them into one another world, with deadly consequences

  18. Just Politics on El Rey Network
    Episode 18

    Just Politics

    The Trans-Utopian is hired to ferry a team of negotiators to a secret summit. Things devolve as members of the delegation are killed off one by one, and our crew must figure out what is happening before they become victims themselves.

  19. Negative Energy on El Rey Network
    Episode 19

    Negative Energy

    After a failed attempt to chase down a bounty in their aging ship, Marcus hatches a plan to power the ship with exotic matter that gives them the speed they need. Finding it isn’t easy, keeping it is even harder, and the bureaucracy they’re against threatens to shut down the Trans- Utopian for good.

  20. Licence to Fill on El Rey Network
    Episode 20

    Licence to Fill

    Old grudges resurface on Mars when government operatives seek to make examples of Travis and the crew by summoning them to face trial on trumped-up charges. Legal wrangling and courtroom intrigue are the crew’s only hope to stay free and expose their enemies.

  21. Hyperspace Part I on El Rey Network
    Episode 21

    Hyperspace Part I

    Marcus - still searching for an alternative power source for the Trans-Utopian - reads up on the theories of a Dr. Gregor Laszig and compels the crew to go in search of him. But the crew find more than they’re looking for when the Orchard gets involved, and Callie’s life hangs in the balance.

  22. Hyperspace Part II on El Rey Network
    Episode 22

    Hyperspace Part II

    The crew of the Trans-Utopian must deal with the perils of hyperspace. Separated in spacetime, they must survive while stalked by a mysterious presence… while Travis wrestles with the gift and curse of the Divinity Cluster.

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