Xena: Warrior Princess

Season 1 Episodes

  1. Sins of the Past on El Rey Network
    Episode 1

    Sins of the Past

    Xena (Lucy Lawless) atones for her evil past by defending her home village from the marauding warlord Draco (Jay Laga'aia). With Renee O'Connor.

  2. Chariots of War on El Rey Network
    Episode 2

    Chariots of War

    Xena (Lucy Lawless) defends a town against a band of thugs led by a father and son duo (Jeff Thomas, Stuart Turner).

  3. Dreamworker on El Rey Network
    Episode 3


    When Gabrielle (Renee O'Connor) is kidnapped by a mystic (Nathaniel Lees), Xena (Lucy Lawless) enters an altered state of consciousness and must face ghosts from her past in order to rescue her friend.

  4. Cradle of Hope on El Rey Network
    Episode 4

    Cradle of Hope

    Xena (Lucy Lawless) employs stealthy maneuvers to protect an infant who an oracle claims will one day usurp a king's throne. Renee O'Connor co-stars.

  5. The Path Not Taken on El Rey Network
    Episode 5

    The Path Not Taken

    Xena (Lucy Lawless) helps a prince (Jimi Liversidge) rescue his fiancee (Nicola Cliff) who has been kidnapped by a greedy arms dealer (Stephen Tozer) opposed to their marriage.

  6. The Reckoning on El Rey Network
    Episode 6

    The Reckoning

    Ares (Kevin Smith), the god of war, frames Xena (Lucy Lawless) for murder with the hope she will turn to him in desperation and become his evil ally. With Renee O'Connor.

  7. The Titans on El Rey Network
    Episode 7

    The Titans

    When Gabrielle (Renee O'Connor) unknowingly utters a chant that releases three imprisoned Titans (Amanda Tollemache, Edward Campbell, Mark Raffety), Xena (Lucy Lawless) must figure out how to save innocent villagers.

  8. Prometheus on El Rey Network
    Episode 8


    Xena and Gabrielle (Lucy Lawless, Renee O'Connor) team up with Hercules and Iolaus (Kevin Sorbo, Michael Hurst) to free the kidnapped Prometheus (John Freeman), the god responsible for making fire available to Earth.

  9. Death in Chains on El Rey Network
    Episode 9

    Death in Chains

    When King Sisyphus (Ray Henwood) captures Hades' (Erik Thomson) sister Celesta (Kate Hodge), Xena and Gabrielle (Lucy Lawless, Renee O'Connor) must free her before mankind is doomed to eternal suffering.

  10. Hooves & Harlots on El Rey Network
    Episode 10

    Hooves & Harlots

    Xena (Lucy Lawless) and Gabrielle (Renee O'Connor) try to prevent a war between the Amazons and the Centaurs by determining who killed an Amazon princess (Rebekah Mercer). With Alison Bruce.

  11. The Black Wolf on El Rey Network
    Episode 11

    The Black Wolf

    Xena (Lucy Lawless) comes to the aid of imprisoned freedom fighters who refuse to reveal the identity of their mysterious leader. With Renee O'Connor and Robert Trebor.

  12. Beware Greeks Bearing Gifts on El Rey Network
    Episode 12

    Beware Greeks Bearing Gifts

    Xena (Lucy Lawless) joins the climactic battle between the warring Greeks and Trojans that is precipitated by the false peace offering of the Trojan horse. With Renee O'Connor.

  13. Athens City Academy of the Performing Bards on El Rey Network
    Episode 13

    Athens City Academy of the Performing Bards

    Gabrielle (Renee O'Connor) cons her way into a prestigious storytelling competition and ends up helping a fellow bard (Dean O'Gorman) who is under pressure from his father (Grahame Moore) to win.

  14. A Fistful of Dinars on El Rey Network
    Episode 14

    A Fistful of Dinars

    A hidden key to a chamber containing Ambrosia, which turns mortals into gods, will fall into the wrong hands if Xena (Lucy Lawless) does not find it first. With Renee O'Connor.

  15. Warrior... Princess on El Rey Network
    Episode 15

    Warrior... Princess

    Xena trades identities with a look-alike princess in order to defeat the young woman's would-be assassins. Features Lucy Lawless in a dual role.

  16. Mortal Beloved on El Rey Network
    Episode 16

    Mortal Beloved

    Xena (Lucy Lawless) crosses the river Styx to the Underworld to help her deceased lover (Bobby Hosea) stop a madman (Paul Willis) from destroying the heavenly Elysian Fields.

  17. The Royal Couple of Thieves on El Rey Network
    Episode 17

    The Royal Couple of Thieves

    Xena (Lucy Lawless) forces a renowned thief (Bruce Campbell) to assist her in an elaborate scheme to recover a powerful weapon from a warlord (David Telford). With Renee O'Connor.

  18. The Prodigal on El Rey Network
    Episode 18

    The Prodigal

    Gabrielle (Renee O'Connor) takes on the role of leader when she returns home and finds her village ill-prepared to defend itself from a band of marauders. With Lucy Lawless.

  19. Altared States on El Rey Network
    Episode 19

    Altared States

    A boy (David de Lautour) will die in a sacrificial killing unless Xena (Lucy Lawless) can stop his jealous older brother (Karl Urban). With Renee O'Connor.

  20. Ties That Bind on El Rey Network
    Episode 20

    Ties That Bind

    As the god Ares (Kevin Smith) schemes to make Xena (Lucy Lawless) lead his army, the warrior princess meets a man (Tom Atkins) claiming to be her long-lost father.

  21. The Greater Good on El Rey Network
    Episode 21

    The Greater Good

    Gabrielle (Renee O'Connor) assumes Xena's (Lucy Lawless) identity after the warrior princess is injured during a skirmish with a warlord (Peter McCauley) bent on destroying Salmoneus (Robert Trebor).

  22. Callisto on El Rey Network
    Episode 22


    The female warrior Callisto (Hudson Leick) tries to turn the world against Xena (Lucy Lawless) by committing acts of terrorism in her name. With Renee O'Connor.

  23. Death Mask on El Rey Network
    Episode 23

    Death Mask

    After learning a raiding party's leader (Michael Lawrence) was responsible for the destruction in their village, Xena (Lucy Lawless) and her brother (Joseph Kell) set out to destroy him.

  24. Is There a Doctor in the House? on El Rey Network
    Episode 24

    Is There a Doctor in the House?

    Xena and Gabrielle (Lucy Lawless, Renee O'Connor) run a makeshift hospital for war casualties and attempt to convince a general (Ray Woolf) that the bloody conflict should end.

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