Season 1 Episodes

  1. Partners on El Rey Network
    Episode 1


    Returning to active duty following the shooting of his partner, Nick Barron is given a new partner, Ben Chartier.  Ben is a new member of the team, having transferred from a rural police unit; Barron becomes resentful of his new partner.

  2. Deer on El Rey Network
    Episode 2


    Nick and Ben continue as partners and encounter an incident that they don't report. Ben is cleared of any wrong-doing in the shooting of a robbery suspect. 

  3. Welfare Day on El Rey Network
    Episode 3

    Welfare Day

    The first day of the month falls on a Friday, making this day when welfare checks arrive even more chaotic than normal. Being short-staffed most of the team pull double shifts.

  4. The Party on El Rey Network
    Episode 4

    The Party

    Nick is upset that the injured Harvey will be attending a party with former squad members. The team deals with a gang rape and the escalating drinking problem of one of their own. 

  5. Home on El Rey Network
    Episode 5


    Ben takes a sick day to go home to work things out with his father who he had arrested for a hit and run while drunk; Nick is partnered with his nemesis, who spreads a rumor that Nick is warning a drug gang when police raids are scheduled.

  6. Turf on El Rey Network
    Episode 6


    Baron and Chartier find themselves in the crossfires of a gang war. Ben is introduced to Nick's sister. 

  7. Lovers on El Rey Network
    Episode 7


    Nick and Ben collide over a politically explosive case.

  8. Medals on El Rey Network
    Episode 8


    Word spreads of a potential mole in the department after a drug bust goes wrong. Tyler's addiction starts to surface to others.

  9. Islands on El Rey Network
    Episode 9


    Justice is served expeditiously when one of the group's own is ambushed while on patrol. 

  10. Winter on El Rey Network
    Episode 10


    Ben is given a proposition by S.Q. to investigate the rest of the team for a leak. Nick and the rest of the team suffer a grave loss.

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