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  1. Alien Nation

    The Game

    The Day of Descent, the fifth anniversary of the Tenctonese's liberation from slavery with their ship's arrival on Earth, finds Francisco depressed. A lethal form of gambling from the ship may be continuing on Earth.

  2. Alien Nation

    The Red Room

    A break in at a behavioral lab and a series of execution-style murders dredges up buried memories for Francisco.

  3. Alien Nation

    Spirit of '95

    As Susan and Buck campaign for Tenctonese suffrage, bombings and kidnappings are linked to the anti-Newcomer "Purist" organization.

  4. Alien Nation

    Real Men

    Sikes and Francisco investigate possible steroid dealings at a gym. George must reconcile his and humanity's conceptions of manhood while he is pregnant.

  5. Heroes Shed No Tears

    Kao is given a mission by his elderly master to take a cursed sword and solve petty squabbles between skilled martial arts masters.

  6. Magnificent Wanderers

    Two men help a kung-fu master on a mission to retrieve his gold.

  7. The Web of Death

    The head of the Snake Sect, one of five sects that make up the group the Five Poison Web, plots to gain control of the group by taking possession of the hidden super-weapon the Five Venom Spider.

  8. Crippled Avengers

    Three men, crippled by an evil warlord, become friends and learn kung fu with the help of an old teacher and his idiot pupil.

  9. Five Fingers of Death

    Two martial arts schools prepare for an important tournament.

  10. Baja Desert Championship

    51st SCORE Baja 1000

    Join El Rey Network, as the Racers take on the most brutal off-road race, the 51st SCORE Baja 1000.

  11. The One

    A rogue Multiverse agent goes on a manhunt for versions of himself, getting stronger with each kill. With only one version remaining, he races against the clock to finish him and become "The One". 

  12. Baja Desert Championship

    51st SCORE Baja 1000

    Join El Rey Network, as the Racers take on the most brutal off-road race, the 51st SCORE Baja 1000.

  13. The Manchurian Candidate

    In the midst of the Gulf War, soldiers are kidnapped and brainwashed for sinister purposes.

  14. Baja Desert Championship

    Baja Origins

    El Rey Network is the exclusive U.S. broadcaster of the five races that make up the 2017 SCORE World Desert Championship.  Taking place over the most difficult terrain of the Baja, MX peninsula, the infamous race series will culminate with the SCORE Baja 1000 50th anniversary event covering over 1,300 miles between Ensenada and La Paz.

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