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  1. The Delightful Forest

    The legendary fighter Wu Song is sent to prison in Mengzhou province after murdering his sister-in-law and her lover. There he meets with the prison officer Shih En, who saved Wu from the baton punishment required for new prisoners. Wu learns that Shih's restaurant named the "Delightful Forest" has been occupied by Chiang Chung and now he seeks his revenge.

  2. Opium and the Kung-Fu Master

    A kung-fu master finds out that an opium den is destroying the lives of the town he lives in, and vows to put an end to the den. But first, he must try to defeat the strongest enemy he has ever faced: his addiction to the drug itself. 


    Director: Chang Yi-Hu. Stars: Szu Shih, Yuan Chuan, Chin-Feng Wang

  4. Shaolin Mantis

    A government spy infiltrates a wealthy family and falls in love with the daughter.


    The famous Po Chih Lin healer matches wits and fists with a number of thugs, including a long-time nemesis.

  6. Shaolin Intruders

    Shaolin Temple becomes suspect when several clan leaders are robbed and killed by the deadly Shaolin Palm technique.

  7. 19-2


    A wannabe mobster has a tempting proposition for Nick. 

  8. 19-2

    Protest Pants

    The city cuts public sector pensions, pitting the squad against their own. 

  9. Masters of Horror

    Sick Girl

    A female scientist studying insects finds one of her specimens is getting in the way of her affair with another woman.

  10. Masters of Horror

    Pick Me Up

    In the middle of nowhere, with only a two-lane highway to connect it to anywhere, a recently divorced female traveler, who is a passenger on a bus that has broken down, gets caught in a bizarre and violent turf war between serial killers. 

  11. Masters of Horror


    Detective Frank Spivey saves a disfigured woman named Jenifer from being killed by a deranged homeless man.  He feels sorry for Jenifer, and takes her from an insane asylum and brings her home.  Frank becomes obsessed for Jenifer but when he realizes that she is a human beast, he moves with her to an isolated old cabin in the woods, with tragic consequences. 

  12. Masters of Horror


    In Chicago, the lonely Jamie works in the food laboratory of a company developing flavors.  Jamie is on a diet but after eating a chocolate, he becomes psychically connected to a beautiful woman, seeing through her eyes and feeling her sensations.

  13. Masters of Horror


    A desperate fur trader gets his hands on some priceless raccoon furs that take revenge on anyone wearing it.  

  14. Masters of Horror

    Sounds Like

    Deeply affected by a personal tragedy, an office drone comes to realize his sense of hearing has taken on extraordinary capabilities that could drive him insane. 

  15. El Rey Nation

    Rolling with the E.T.s

    Vivian gives a class on aliens before the gang reimagines classic movies with the return of a favorite game. 

  16. Flatland

    Fall From Grace

    A Shaolin Monk returns to the present in order to set straight a horrendous mistake he made several hundred years ago, when he unwittingly saved the life of Khan and let JT die.

  17. 19-2


    When he tries to help Nick with his investigation, Ben gets in trouble with homicide. 

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