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  1. Maria

    Immigration Reform - The Time is Now

    Maria Cardona and guet co-host Amy Hinojosa tackle Immigration Reform, one of the most crucial issues for Latinos. Assemblywoman Wendy Carrillo from California's District 51 in Los Angeles and Sister Norma Pimental, Executive Director of Catholic Charities of the Rio Grande Valley join the discussion.

  2. Maria

    Elected Officials Matter

    Maria Cardona and guest co-host Amy Hinojosa examine the importance of Latinos in elected leadership positions. Joined by Monica Ramirez, Founder & President of Justice for Migrant Women and California Representative, Gil Cisneros, they discuss why representation matters as well as take a closer look at Latina Leaders in politics. 

  3. Maria

    Representation in the Media

    Maria Cardona and co-host Felix Sanchez dissect the lack of Latino representation in the media. 

  4. June Castro's Fight Fit Boot Camp

    In It To Win It

    June combines explosive training drills from Combat Sports to develop speed, power and endurance for maximum output. 

  5. El Rey Nation

    The Maine Man

    The cast celebrates the life, work, and influence of bestselling author Stephen King.

  6. El Rey Nation

    Toys After Dinner

    Shows created to sell toys are discussed after a talk about the cultural significance of food.

  7. Man At Arms: Art of War

    Weapons of Ancient Persia

    In this episode of Man at Arms: Art of War, Danny Trejo and the blacksmiths forge two of the most effective weapons that helped build the ancient Persian Empire – the Arsti Thursting Spear and the Akinaka short sword.

  8. The Director's Chair

    Robert Zemeckis

    Robert Rodriguez interviews Robert Zemeckis to discuss the career that began with an award-winning USC student film that caught the attention of Steven Spielberg, and took off with some of the biggest blockbuster hits of all time.

  9. Vampiro: Unleashed

    Staying Healthy

    Vampiro and his guest, Emmy-Award winning journalist and TV Host Pili Montilla, share their personal journies on how diet and positive habits have affected their success.

  10. Vampiro: Unleashed

    Express Yourself

    Vampiro and his guest, Writer/Executive Director Rafael Agustin, talk about the secrets of tapping into your creativity. They also discuss the LatinX artists expressing themselves to bring diversity to the entertainment industry.

  11. Correctamundo!

    Mom Movie Trivia

    Mom Movie Trivia with host Hector Navarro and his guests Marina Mastors, Oscar Montoya and Ify Nwadiwe.

  12. Keep Bleeding with Mike Escamilla

    The Bionic Chef

    Eduardo Garcia, also known as the Bionic Chef, talks with Mike about overcoming a life threatening injury and the loss of an arm after being shocked by 2400 volts of electricity.  They examine determination and recovering to chase your dreams. 

  13. The Savage Five

    A town is taken over by a brutal gang, which has taken a safe in a robbery of another town and needs to find someone who can open it for them. They terrorize the townsfolk, beating up and even killing some of them, until several young men who know martial arts decide to stand up to the criminals.


    As an expert of the 'Cross fists' technique, a reclusive kung fu master Li Pai perfects a lethal maneuver called the 'Shaolin Handlock' while an old wolf-in-sheep's-clothing friend Fang Yun-piao pays the unwitting Li a visit.

  15. Bonded In Blood

    A father's perverse strategy for identifying his son's killer involves a nightmarish scientific experiment with consequences that are felt for generations to come.

  16. Night of Death

    Someone had disguised himself as the Blue Demon in order to frame the famed wrestler for a series of robberies. The real Blue Demon's reputation and life are on the line. He will stop at nothing until he has his vengeance.

  17. The Fury of the Karate Experts

    Santo gets involved in a fight between two sisters over a powerful crystal from space.

  18. El Rey Nation

    The Maine Man

    The cast celebrates the life, work, and influence of bestselling author Stephen King.

  19. El Rey Nation

    Toys After Dinner

    Shows created to sell toys are discussed after a talk about the cultural significance of food.

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