Day 5

Season 2 Episodes

  1. Manifest Destiny on El Rey Network
    Episode 1

    Manifest Destiny

    Ellis finds his way to an aerodrome, meeting Aiden, who is being held at gunpoint and made to fly a light plane.

  2. Oasis on El Rey Network
    Episode 2


    The team hunts for Gabbi and any chance to track down the Safe Sleep Zone, as Aidan and a new ally attempt to enter the Sandman's Oasis.

  3. Lucid on El Rey Network
    Episode 3


    Aidan and Paula check out their new "home" and the others deal with a group of maniacs who have a unique way of staying awake.

  4. Circadian Rhythms on El Rey Network
    Episode 4

    Circadian Rhythms

    The group find themselves on a plane, piloted by an Ellis trying to hide his mental state from the others. Abrams gives out why he is no longer working in the facility.

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