The Camacho Experiment

Season 1 Episodes

  1. Grace Under Fire on El Rey Network
    Episode 1

    Grace Under Fire

    Female Kickboxing, boxing Pioneer and champion, Graciela Casillas shares with Host Art Camacho the roadblocks and struggles she faced in and out of the ring growing up Latina in the 70s.

  2. Benny is the "Jet" on El Rey Network
    Episode 2

    Benny is the "Jet"

    Host Art Camacho interviews Eight-time world champion, Benny “The Jet” Urquidez; one of the most dominating figures in kickboxing history. Considered as one of the founders of karate’s new sport, Urquidez amassed over 200 fights and no losses.

  3. Queen of Kung-Fu on El Rey Network
    Episode 3

    Queen of Kung-Fu

    Host Art Camacho gets real with Cynthia Rothrock, Queen of Kung-Fu action films. She's a Five-time undefeated world forms champion who stepped from the tournament floor into the screen and onto Hong Kong films.

  4. Muay Thai Fit on El Rey Network
    Episode 4

    Muay Thai Fit

    Host Art Camacho sits down with June Castro, daughter of one of the greatest legends in karate.  She provides an in-depth look at Muay Thai and demonstrates the important connection between fitness training and Thai fighting. 

  5. Ambassador of Hope on El Rey Network
    Episode 5

    Ambassador of Hope

    Host Art Camacho sits down with kickboxing icon Blinky Rodriguez. He shares his dedication to reaching out to the gangs of the San Fernando Valley & discusses how he became an ambassador of hope after suffering a personal, heart-wrenching experience.

  6. Enter the 'Dragon' on El Rey Network
    Episode 6

    Enter the 'Dragon'

    Host Art Camacho gets real with the 11-Time World Kickboxing Champion whom the Guinness Book of World records calls "The Greatest Kickboxer of All Time"; International Action Film star Don "The Dragon" Wilson.

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    El Rey Network is an English-language entertainment brand founded by maverick filmmaker Robert Rodriguez (From Dusk Till Dawn, Sin City, Spy Kids, Machete). Curated by Rodriguez and his artistic collective, the Latino-infused network revels in the courage, capacity, and creativity of ordinary people on extraordinary journeys through its unique original programming. In addition, El Rey Network showcases a wide range of iconic feature films and TV series including genre, cult classics, action, and horror/sci-fi.

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