Vampiro: Unleashed

Season 1 Episodes

  1. Self Defense on El Rey Network
    Episode 1

    Self Defense

    Vampiro and his guest Diana Lee Inosanto (Bruce Lee's Goddaughter) discuss self-defense and his biggest moral dilemma in the wrestling ring that forever changed his life.

  2. Hardcore Punk Music on El Rey Network
    Episode 2

    Hardcore Punk Music

    Vampiro and his guests, the band COUNTIME, dig deep into the history, roots and meaning of the hardore punk music scene.

  3. Healthy Mexican Cuisine on El Rey Network
    Episode 3

    Healthy Mexican Cuisine

    Vampiro and his guest, famous tough guy Danny Trejo, reveal the secrets of cooking healthy Mexican Cuisine.

  4. Latino Politics on El Rey Network
    Episode 4

    Latino Politics

    Vampiro and his guest, political analyst Maria Cardona, breakdown the complexities of Latino Politics.

  5. Leadership Qualities on El Rey Network
    Episode 5

    Leadership Qualities

    Vampiro and his guest, CEO of the Hispanic Heritage Foundation - Antonio Tijerino, chat about the qualities it takes to be a great leader.

  6. Overcoming the Odds on El Rey Network
    Episode 6

    Overcoming the Odds

    Vampiro and his guest, writer/filmmaker Issa Lopez, discuss overcoming the odds and the darker side of  stroytelling.

  7. Latino Civil Rights on El Rey Network
    Episode 7

    Latino Civil Rights

    Vampiro and his guest, Sindy Benavides, delve into Civil Rights Issues of the Latino Community in the United States.

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